US Patent 9,626,671


The Industry's Smartest Solution to send orders to the kitchen and bar.


The patented TRAY Smart Printer is the single most important innovation that makes self-service possible.


Unlike traditional printers, it is fully interactive, which means your staff is able to accept or reject orders, provide reason for rejecting an order, move orders between different states, assign tip recipients and even print reports right from the printer.

Being able to easily accept orders means real-time feedback for those that placed the order (users or staff) without the need to constantly check with the venue.

TRAY Smart Printer makes on-premise user ordering possible, is fully compliant by system design with ABC rules for serving alcohol and brings a new level of sophistication to high-volume operations, large or small.

If you're an ordering provider, please contact us for licensing and API opportunities.


  • Displays and prints new orders
  • Allows staff to accept/reject orders
  • Enables tip assignment
  • Enables report printing with 1-click


  • Heat and fluid resistant
  • Standard thermal paper
  • Wireless or wired connectivity
  • Self-monitoring
  • Self-healing


  • Accept several orders with one click
  • Assign tips on the fly or by section
  • Pool or split tips
  • View individual orders on screen
  • Auto-advance orders w timer
  • Reject/cancel or void orders
  • Buzzer get louder w. time


  • Print orders, reports or both
  • Multi-copy receipts support
  • Configurable buzzer intensity
  • Buzzer louder if orders not accepted
  • Signatures printed on receipt
  • Customizable header text


  • Printed or on-screen reports
  • Current/past-day reporting

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