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TRAY® - Self-Service Point-of-sale™

The all-in-one, Enterprise class solution for all your self-service and POS needs

Whether you're a large enterprise or a small business, your customers demand faster service and the option to order and pay for themselves, without the wait. From self-service kiosks, to custom ordering and payment apps, to staff handhelds with chip and signature capture, to full EMV terminals, TRAY is a modular system that has everything you need to address today's environment of increased minimum wages and impatient Millennials.

Powered by TRAY

TRAY is POS software the runs on customized Android devices. Complete with a powerful, cloud-based management and reporting portal, it's one of the most full-featured and easy to use point of sale systems available and it's fully enabled for self-service.

Some of our unique features include:

Customizable - With a huge variety of supported hardware form factors, designs, sizes and colors and robust customization features, TRAY will fit your brand, style and budget. 

Built-in Loyalty & Promotions - Let your customers enter their phone number to collect points and claim rewards across any device or app. No need for external loyalty programs.

Fast EMV and Swipe readers - Portable or fixed we support the most advanced hardware available for the fastest EMV experience available. Remove the EMV slowness stigma.

Unique Social Features - our unique seat-to-seat chat and gift technology allows customers to interact with each other and management. Engage your customers.

Hold-and-Fire - allows your staff to send the orders to the kitchen on demand to synchronize plating and track efficiency across all steps. Optimize your operation.

Fast and Intuitive - built for speed, TRAY doesn't slow down with volume, so you can't always offer the same quality of service even at your busiest. It just works.

Electronic Waivers - Keep lines flowing and improve the guest experience with electronic waivers. Capture customer data during the check-in process.

Party Booking - Create packages for parties, groups and families. Easily manage reservations and capacity. Make large group bookings easy for staff and guests to reserve either on-site or online.

The easiest way to add self-service

Add Our Self-Service Solutions To Your Existing POS or upgrade to TRAY

Be up and running in days

Whether you use our customizable state-of-the-art customer ordering app, self-service kiosks, server handhelds, or fixed POS terminals—installation is a snap. We'll take care of the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what you do best: sell. 

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Integrate with your existing POS system

If you have Aloha, Dinerware, InfoGenesis, Micros, or POSitouch, you can mix and match our self-service apps, kiosks, pads and terminals and even SmartPrinters and KDS devices, as if they were part of your existing POS system.

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Upgrade to TRAY and elevate your food & drink service

If you want to use TRAY as your main POS system, you'll have a next-generation POS that's one of the most feature-rich and reliable in the industry. Built from the ground up for the Cloud, TRAY offers unparalleled flexibility and customization.


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