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Mobile User App FAQs (iOS & Android)

These FAQs cover questions pertaining to the TRAY mobile app for customers. Before calling or emailing support, please check that you are running the latest version of the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and read through the FAQs as many common questions have already been answered. 

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+ Why do I see TRAY charges in my bank account?

TRAY is a food & beverage ordering service for customers, and a point of sale system for venues. TRAY also acts as the processor for these transactions. If you have used the TRAY mobile app or have ordered at a participating venue, you will see TRAY as the merchant on your statement.

If you are a mobile app user, you can go to your order history to check your past orders and view your charges.

+ I see a $0.01 authorization charge from TRAY on my bank statement. What's that?

This $0.01 is a card authorization and will never result in a charge to your account. It will disappear from your statement in a few days. We use preauthorizations to protect users and venues from chargebacks, and to verify that your card is valid and active. Preauthorizations also allow us to prevent orders being submitted using invalid cards.

+ My order was voided / failed / timed out, but I still see a charge in my bank account.

If your order is rejected by a venue, your card will not be charged. The authorization you see will automatically disappear from your statement after a few days. You don't have to take any action.

+ I didn't get my order on time / my order was declined / timed out. What happened?

There are several reasons why your order my not be accepted by a venue or that it might time out. Most of the time it could just mean that the venue is at capacity and did not accept your order before the preset timeout period. Just place your order again from the "re-order" menu.

A venue may also reject an order if they are out of stock a certain item.

If you suspect there's a technical error, please let us know.

+ What's a gifting profile?

TRAY allows you to see who else is checked in where you are, and then send or receive gifts from your friends. If you don't want to receive gifts you can make your profile invisible from the app menu. To send a gift, select the person's profile you which to send a gift to, and then select "Send Gift."