Let customers self-order, pay and interact with each other

Do you have a line? TRAY kiosk is for you. Let your customers order, pay and give them back the time to enjoy what they came to your business for (hint: it's not waiting in line!)

Like all TRAY products, TRAY Kiosk has a fun and social side too. It lets users see who else is there and chat with them. Ideal for places where people like to be social, TRAY brings the Virgin America experience to a whole new level. The ground level.

Unlike other solutions, TRAY Kiosks are fully integrated with TRAY and/or your POS. That means they don't require expensive built-in printers that require servicing and frequent paper changes. Receipts can either be emailed or printed and delivered with the order. And the ordering experience itself is the fastest and best looking in the industry.

Give your customers a 24x7 waiter and an option to skip waiting in lines. They can order, pay with a credit card and get notified by email or text when their order is ready or their receipt is available. 

Witness the end of bad service-related Yelp reviews.


  • Usable by users or staff

  • Assign to a location (table, deli, etc.)

  • Assign to multiple locations (a section)

  • Wall or table mounts

  • Fully wireless operation

  • Requires power for charging


  • Built in magnetic and EMV card reader

  • Driver’s license swiping for age verification

  • Age verification for age-restricted items


  • Allows user to enter email/text for real-time order notifications and receipts


  • Beautiful menus with pictures

  • Full item customization

  • Fully menu search capability

  • Item/order special instructions

Ordering & paying

  • Order for your table or for pickup

  • Order for the bar and skip the line

  • Peer-to-peer chatting

  • Let users chat with other kiosks