Starbucks and Chili's are doing it. Shouldn't you?

Large chains are offering their own apps for on-premise ordering (bar pickup or table delivery) and for skipping the line. With TRAY, you can do it without investing millions of dollars and years in development and integration.


Are your customers Millennials? Then the TRAY App is for you. The most beautiful and highly sophisticated, yet simple to use mobile experience to ever hit your customers is one download away, for free. It looks good, and it will make you look good, too.

The TRAY App is fully configurable via TRAY HQ to fit your needs. It can offer any number of services (table delivery, in-seat delivery, GPS-tracked delivery, counter pickup, order ahead, room service, valet service, pool service,  cabana service, etc.). All images, background and text can be fully configured to create a highly personalized yet familiar experience for your users.

The TRAY App is the gateway to better understanding your customers and providing impeccable personalized service. With a built-in loyalty point system and built in promotions systems (both offering discount rewards and open rewards) and built-in customer profiles, your marketing department will have a field day. Or year.

And like everything else TRAY, the app is a social powerhouse. It lets your customers check into your venue, meet new people and interact with them via chat, and even allows them to send each other gifts with anything from your menu. Ideal for birthdays or other special occasions, your user base will be multiplied by the numbers of your users' Facebook friends. 

There is nothing like it anywhere else. The only limit is your imagination.

You can also complement the app with our beautiful and sturdy user-facing kiosks. For areas where there's congestion, for tables or between tables, coming in multiple sizes and mounting options, the TRAY kiosk is the perfect solution for your busy venue.

These kiosk will increase your sales by at least $1,200 / month EACH! These sales come with higher tips, less work for your staff and much higher satisfaction from the part of your customers. It's a no-brainer.


  • Sign in with Facebook or email 
  • Store your user profile
  • Store multiple cards securely
  • See venue information
  • Easily connect to venue’s Wi-Fi


  • Optimized for indoor use
  • Dark backgrounds reduce light
  • Polished user experience


  • Browse venues by distance
  • Beautiful menus with pictures
  • Full item customization
  • Save and quickly reorder favorites
  • Quickly reorder recent items
  • Fully menu search capability
  • Item/order special instructions

Ordering & paying

  • Open/close tabs
  • Order for your table or for pickup
  • Order for the bar and skip the line
  • Get real-time order notifications
  • Let staff order with your tab


  • Check-in and post-to-Facebook
  • Like items and post-to-Facebook
  • See your Facebook friends
  • Meet new people
  • See how many people are nearby
  • Peer-to-peer gifting
  • Create gifting profile
  • Make yourself visible/invisible
  • Set what you’re in the mood for 
  • Chat with checked in users
  • Send, accept or reject gifts


  • Collect points when ordering
  • Redeem points for discounts
  • Redeem points for free rides


  • Use promo codes or open promos
  • Get notified for new promotions