Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Increase visibility and efficiency or go paperless

Do you have a station-based operation and want to go paperless? Do you need real-time order monitoring for your managers, your runners or your wait staff? Do you want real time order monitoring and reporting with the ability to interact with the orders directly? Then TRAY Monitor is for you.

TRAY's Kitchen Display System (aka Order Monitor) is one of the most flexible and robust in the business. It lets you manage 4 different fully configurable order states (new, accepted, ready, charged) and fully customize them for your own operation. When an order changes state you can configure app push notification to be sent to your users. If the order was taken by a staff member and the user provided a cell phone or email, you can have the alerts sent by text or email. 

The Kitchen Display Systems also sleek and come in a variety of sizes and options, allow to see orders by location or by state. Not only that, but with TRAY you can set up timeouts for each state and auto-advance features so that humans don't need to manage every single state of every single order.

With full integration with our smart printers, orders can be accepted either at the printer, the Kitchen Display System (aka order monitor), on TRAY HQ or even from a manager's monitoring phone. We even have alerts if an order stays too long in a given state and our order management / accepting system is patent protected and unique in the industry. No other system out there can match it in terms of flexibility, configurability, scalability and ease of use.

Our exclusive technology allow the monitor to run for select services (for example bar only or table service only) on different devices, can run on your own smartphone or on dedicated tablets designed to withstand floor operations. 

With the Kitchen Display System you'll always be in the know and have the best data to help optimize your operation. Only TRAY provides the patented customization and flexibility needed for state-of-the-art operations.


  • Bar (bartender)

  • Service well (server/runner)

  • Kitchen (cook)

  • Service window (runner)

  • Manager’s office (manager)

  • Manager's/owner's phone

Order management

  • Accept/complete/charge orders

  • Reject/fail/void orders

  • Assign tips

  • Reject/fail/void orders

Order monitoring

  • Show order by state or location

  • Filter specific states or locations

  • Print orders as needed

  • Send push notifications to apps

  • Send text/email notifications to users

  • Track the time it takes to accept orders

  • Optimize your operation with smart alerts

  • Get order delayed alerts

  • Customize all states and messages

  • Unlimited order monitors can run in parallel, orders can be accepted from any