Thank you for choosing TRAY! Please complete the following  items for us to begin configuring your TRAY system. If you have any questions about the instructions or information on this page, please call 844-873-8729 or email us at 

STEP 1: Venue General Information

Please fill out with as much detail as possible. The more information you provide here, the faster your system configuration will be. 

Usually the owner or GM.
Contact Phone Number *
Contact Phone Number
Venue Phone Number *
Venue Phone Number
Venue Time Zone *
Sales tax varies by county, and often does not include additional taxes for alcoholic items. Please provide your standard sales tax rate, as well as any additional taxes you collect on F&B.
Please include these measurements in your venue diagram in Step 2.
How many walls and structural supports are inside your venue that would potentially obstruct a WiFi signal?
Using a Verizon smartphone, please download the Ookla Speedtest app (free on iOS and Android) and test your cellular speeds throughout the venue.
This information is crucial for setting the TRAY internet and network configuration. Please connect to your venue's internet on your smartphone or computer. MAC: System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> TCP/IP, then note the IP address in the "Router" field. iOS: Settings -> WiFi -> click the Info button next to the network name you are connected to, then copy the number from the "Router" field.
Outdoor Usage *
Will any TRAY hardware be used in outdoor locations including patios, cabanas, decks, or lounges?
Enter all the locations where TRAY will provide service. Please be specific and list all locations.
Marketing Materials *
Please select which, if any, marketing materials you would like as part of your setup.
Drop Ceilings *
Does your venue have drop ceilings, or infrastructure to hardwire the TRAY hardware? Note: the venue is responsible for any structural modifications such as running cables, drilling, and mounting hardware.
Device Power *
Does your venue have at least 1 available AC wall outlet at each location where hardware will be permanently installed? Permanent hardware includes Smart Printers, Table Kiosks, POS Kiosks, and LTE Modems/Routers.
If you provide WiFi for your customers, please provide the network name (SSID) and password. If you do not provide WiFi, write "N/A".
Desired Installation Date *
Desired Installation Date
Installations can be scheduled as little as 1 week after we receive your onboarding information. Installations should also be scheduled on days where your staff are present for training.

STEP 2: Venue Layout Diagram

For us to best configure your system, we need to know your venue's layout. Click the button below to view a sample diagram, or download the editable template. 

click here to download an editable .pptx version of the diagram

When you have completed your diagram, please email it to with "[Venue Name] Layout Diagram" as the subject line. 

STEP 3: Menus, Modifications, and Schedules

Please compile your menus into an excel (.xlsx) document, and divide items by Category, Sub-Category, Item, Price, Description, and Modifications. See below for sample menus and modification pages. Also include any menu schedules and pricing schedules. 

A menu schedule could be, for example: Breakfast menu only available from 7-10am, or Lunch menu only available from 10am-3pm. 

A pricing schedule is where an item is always visible, but changes price throughout the day/week. For example, a margarita is normally $7.25 but on Wednesdays from 3-6pm, they are only $6.00. 

When you have completed your menus and options, please email them to with "[Venue Name] Menus and Modifications" as the subject line.