Truly understand your customers and optimize their experience

The back-bone of the TRAY system, intuitive, powerful and fully configurable, TRAY HQ is the state of the art in Enterprise-class, large-scale hosted Mobile Ordering Systems.

Fully or partially managed by us, you'll enjoy the convenience of securely accessing all your reports from anywhere, managing your entire system in real time across multiple locations and easily setting up and running marketing and loyalty programs for your patrons.

You can use TRAY without ever accessing HQ or you can take advantage of the full power of our modern highly customizable interface and use it daily to keep fine tuning your business.

With HQ, the possibilities are endless.


  • Access from any browser or smart phone

  • Log in as owner/manager

  • Monitor and manage multiple venues

Email alerts

  • Printer status, device status

  • New, delayed, rejected orders

  • Low inventory

  • Staff check in / check out

Daily emails

  • Sales by table, staff, category

  • Stock on hand


  • Active orders, open tabs, stock on hand

  • Checked-in users / staff


  • Intuitive, easy to use menu editor

  • Item and menu picture support

  • Unlimited menu & price schedules

  • Multi-item edit operations (price, etc.)

  • Bulk-add/quick-add features

  • Menu importing


  • Points built into-menu edit

  • Easy to setup reward system


  • Menu mix, product mix

  • Staff, category, user reports

  • Export any report to XLS, CSV, PDF

  • Run reports across multiple venues


  • Age restrictions

  • Category-level tax

  • Split orders by category


  • Low quantity/expired email alerts

  • Batch-level costs and true cost math

  • Export any report to XLS, CSV, PDF

  • Tally inventory across multiple venues


  • Set up one-time or recurring promos

  • Specify date ranges, quantities, codes

User database

  • New users, top users

  • Sales by user, user statistics

  • User preferences and orders

  • User favorites and likes

  • Notifications for new promos