Software Release Notes

This page provides information on the latest TRAY software releases including updates and new features.

TRAY KDS Version (11/19)

  • Tax inclusive items now show tax once on user receipt

  • Cancel button now closes print order dialog box

  • Android 8 now supported

  • Performance improvements to UI

TRAY Web Version 1.0.9 (11/27))

  • Site name shows correctly under reservation landing page pop up

  • Now able to add guest of honor in ‘edit reservation’ screen

  • My Orders now displays correct total when discounts are involved

  • Now able to logout from menu specific web ordering location

  • Edit Reservation allows for location change

  • Cancel reservation button doesn’t ask for cancelation item if there is no payment or configured

    as percent

  • Promo codes now validated on button select

  • Rewards can only be redeemed if balance is sufficient

TRAY Version (12/03)

  • Now able to make payment with second gift card on same check

  • Performance improvements to UI

  • UI improvements to Kiosk loyalty package

  • Only one signature required to finish waiver signing flow

  • Birthday not requested again if already entered

  • Discount items now show name and discount amount

TRAY HQ Version 9.67 (12/10)

  • Added support for Embed gift cards

  • Report filters now searchable

  • Option groups no longer overlapping if longer than three lines

  • Category filter added to mix report

  • Sites added to slots view

  • Added background scrolls to:

  • - Promos report

  • - Orders report

  • - Permissions report

  • - Waivers report

  • - New users report

  • Tender dialog box bigger instead of scrollable

  • Added ability to make sites custom configurable for the following:

    - Welcome email

    - Reservation confirmation email

    - New order email

    - From email

  • Added ability to edit time for reservation closure jobs

  • Event summary report shows all booking under online reservations

  • Reservations can now be deleted from terminal

  • Deposits on sales report now hidden if none available

  • Reservation status dropdown displays updated statuses